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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility can help to drive a company’s competitiveness and earnings potential. A company will derive greatest benefit when its CSR activities are business-driven and thereby supplement its core business. Business-driven CSR means that the company designs its activities to be in line with its strategies, challenges and market relations.
  • Our Responsibility
  • In Atlas Textiles the environmental and social policies are always given high importance in protecting the environment with the usage ofenergy optimizations, organic cottons and maintaining the best quality standards on the whole operational process.

Social Welfare

Atlas Textiles has segregated a part of funds for the social welfare acts by frequent employee health checkups and organizing AIDS awareness programs to have a healthy workforce.

Education is the root of our society which is been given by us to the underprivileged children from the nearer locality taking them to a step farther in the society

Hale and healthy living atmosphere is the key theory well taken care of for which we fix RO plants by protecting the employees and earth from destruction...

CSR to Motivate Employees

Encourage employee referrals. Loyalty goes up when CSR-related programs go up. The positive culture and environment that is generated can help retain and recruit talent. Develop an employee referral program for your managers and employees. It can generate feelings of commitment toward your company and its mission and growth.

Bring CSR inside the company. Look for ways to help your employees grow inside and not just in the community. Invest in training, tuition, and any costs associated with their skill development. Goldman reminds us that corporate responsibility on the inside is just as important as on the outside.

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