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Art of Infrastructure, In-House Facilities


Most updated High Speed Knitting Unit – imported machines produce high quality fabrics including single and double jersey, jacquards, auto/engineered stripes, yarn dyed, interlocks and pique and fleece.


Our processing plant is Eco Friendly which is in harmony with the environment. Our fabric dyeing facility has world renowned machines with batch facilities ranging from 50 to 1500Kgs with production capacity of 12 tons a day.


Our fabric finishing division is well placed to offer the best fabric finishing solutions. Our finishing unit comprises cutting edge equipments and machines like wet spreaders, relax dryers, stenters with weft straightening arrangements, compactors, brushing, and sueding. The up-to-date machines combined with our skilled workforce produce striking fabric finishes that are well appreciated by our clientele. We produce unique finishes with the aid of stenters which are tailored according to client prerequisites. Furthermore, we can also add designs, effects, and revise finishes like stone wash, denim wash, enzyme wash, etc. with our available industrial washing machineries.


Our printing unit is equipped with Rotary printing machines capable of producing innovative and trendy designs in pigment, reactive and discharge upto 10 colors. Our garment spot printing facility is equipped to print pigment, discharge and plastasol. We are also well equipped in thermal transfer printing, flock printing and specialized prints using latest print techniques with the production capacity of 25000 pcs a day.


Our embroidery divisions have sophisticated Japanese and German machines using CAD/CAM designing, which enable mass scale execution of intricate embroidery work in upto 9 colors.


Automated, Computerized cutting m/c's cut with accuracy & repeatability and have been engineered for single, low and high-ply cutting requirments. Precision cutting tools offer the utmost flexibility for hundreds of material applications on all proven solutions, for event the most different cut materials. Cutting unit is equipped with 2 Nos. of Eastman rapter multiply system with fabric spreader.


A combination of assembly line production and Bundle system, using modern sewing machines with labour saving devices can churn out between 3000 – 5000 garments per day based on the style of garment being produced.


Every garment is subjected thru a initial check in the production on to the line and only then passed on to the separate checking division for a final checking.


We depend on modern methods for ironing. We use adjustable flat horizontal tables and modern steam pressing boxes for ironing garments. Vaccum sucking machines are used to take away the excess moisture in the garment due to Steam Ironing.


We buy our Packing Materials from leading suppliers and professional providers to Garment Exporters. We use only Oeko Tex certified labels produced from fully computerized labeling machines. We use only poly propylene and polyethylene bags with colour printing.

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